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Sunday Worship  10:30am


  • Nursery and Children's Church provided during Sunday Morning worship.


We are located at the Southeast corner of Big Beaver and Adams.

3955 W. Big Beaver Rd.
Troy, Michagan  48084
(248) 644-0512 



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Sunday Worship

Sunday Morning Bible Study

We are located at
3955 W. Big Beaver Rd.
Troy, Michagan  48084

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Hearing the Word of God

Nehemiah 8:1-10 Legend has it that when I was a very young child I would stand up in my crib and preach. I'd shake my finger and prattle away, speaking to no one in particular. I can't say that I was a great preacher in those days, but I did make an impression on my grandmother. She told my mother: “Someday Bob will be a preacher.” Now, I can't confirm this story since my memory doesn't go back that far, but if it’s true, I hope the quality of my preaching has improved!

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Because of Love

I don’t know if you heard the story about Jake Olson a couple weeks ago on either television or the internet. Jake is twelve years old and has been fighting a rare form of cancer, retinoblastoma, since he was an infant. After losing sight in his left eye to the cancer when he was two, doctors had been working diligently to keep his right eye through the use of chemo and radiation therapy. Finally, this year, the cancer had progressed to the point where his remaining eye had to be removed. Asked if there was something special he wanted to see one last time before the surgery that would take his sight completely, Jake replied that what he really wanted to see was another USC Trojans football game.

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The Family Business

Luke 2:41-52 Oh, how they do grow up! They start out as cute little babies, but before you know it, they’re twelve, and that original cuteness has begun to wear off. 12-year-old kids are liable to speak their minds – even to their parents. So, would it surprise you to learn that Jesus is no different? When last we gathered on Thursday Evening, we found Jesus lying in a manger, surrounded by proud parents and some rather dirty shepherds. We filled the night with carols, such as O Come all Ye Faithful, the First Noel, and Silent Night. We sang songs of joy and thanksgiving to the one lying in that manger, all wrapped up in swaddling clothes. Yes, along with the angels and the shepherds, we sang: “Infant Holy, Infant Lowly, for his bed a cattle stall; Oxen lowing, little knowing, Christ the babe is Lord of all.” These much beloved songs project an image of a gentle glowing baby, and we all seem to like babies. Little children like them, as do the oldest among us. But, like I said, babies do grow up, taking on their own identity, and breaking free of their parent’s grasp. In most societies this begins to happen around age twelve, and while we have a long period of preparation called adolescence, ancient societies lacked this intermediate period of life. You went from childhood to adulthood almost over night.

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Bearing Witness to the Good News - Core Values #5

Number 5 in a 6 sermon series on Central Woodward Christian Church"s congregational core values.
Acts 1:6-14
There’s a little old song that we’ve all probably sung, and it goes like this:
    This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine
    This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine
    This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine,
    Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine. 
When we sing this song, we know that it’s not talking about lighting candles or turning on flashlights when the electricity goes out. This little light that we’re supposed to let shine is our own life that serves as a sign of God’s presence in the world. It reminds us that what we do and what we say bears witness to the grace and love of God. And as Jesus said, don’t hide your light under a bushel or in a cellar – instead, put it on a lamp stand where it can be seen (Luke 11:33; Mk 14:21; Mt. 5:15).

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Becoming Spiritually Joyful and Joyfully Spiritual - Core Values Sermon 4

When someone always seems to be happy, don’t you suspect that they may be hiding something? Something just isn’t right? Life simply isn’t that wonderful! This is especially true when it comes to religion. I won’t mention any names, but some of those TV preachers, and their imitators, promise us a great life, with little cost – except for what they’d like you to send in to support their “ministry.” And yet, even if faith in God isn’t the pathway to riches and fame like they promise, surely there has to be a bit of joy in this journey of ours.

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