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Sunday Worship  10:30am


  • Nursery and Children's Church provided during Sunday Morning worship.


We are located at the Southeast corner of Big Beaver and Adams.

3955 W. Big Beaver Rd.
Troy, Michagan  48084
(248) 644-0512 



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Sunday Worship

Sunday Morning Bible Study

We are located at
3955 W. Big Beaver Rd.
Troy, Michagan  48084

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Ultimate Allegiance 

Acts 5:27-32

When I was a child, we began every school day with the Pledge of Allegiance. In doing this we declared our love and support for our nation. I doubt if I really understood the implications of my pledge; it was just something I said every morning as school began. Only later, when I got older, did I begin to understand what it means to give my allegiance to my country. I also learned that not everyone agreed on what allegiance means. Do I, for instance, have to love it or leave it, as the old bumper sticker suggests? Do I have to agree with everything our government does in order to be a loyal citizen?

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Sharing in God's Glory -- Lord's Prayer Series #6

Luke 11:1-4; 1 Chronicles 29:10-13

It’s Easter, which is a day of joyous celebration. We’ve come to share in the Easter story with song and with word. We’ve come to offer to God words of praise, declaring our allegiance to the one who is risen from the dead. We’ve come in the hope of the resurrection, seeking to find strength and peace in the presence of God. It is in this context that we hear the call of God: Lift up your hearts, lift up your eyes, and behold what great things God is doing in your midst!

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Good Friday Sermons (Audio only)

Central Woodward Christian Church hosted a community Good Friday service on April 2, 2010, featuring seven preachers, sharing meditations on the Seven Last Words of Christ.  The preachers, in order of appearance on the audio, include:  Rev. Johnny Liles, Fellowship United Methodist Church; Rev. Jack Mannschreck, Big Beaver UMC; Rev. Judith McMillan, First Presbyterian Church; Rev. Lynda Liles, Fellowship UMC; Ms. Alex McCauslin, Central Woodward Christian Church; Rev. Charlotte Sommers, Northminster Presbyterian Church; Rev. Hal Weemhoff, First UMC -- all of Troy



Deliverance from Evil -- Lord's Prayer Series #5

Matthew 6:7-13; Luke 4:1-15

We began this morning’s service with a procession of palms, singing “All Glory, Laud, and Honor,” thereby celebrating Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem.  According to the gospels, Jesus rode into the city of Jerusalem on a donkey as a large crowd hailed him as their king.  The authorities, as they watched this scene unfold, would have seen this as a rejection of Caesar’s rule.  Many others in the crowd might have wondered whether they were witnessing the inauguration of God’s reign in the world.  Yes, it would seem as if Jesus had the city in the palm of his hand.  It must have been tempting to hear the cries of the crowd.  If he chose this moment to launch a revolution, surely the people would have come out in force to overturn the system.  Yes, it must have been tempting, but Jesus understood that God’s kingdom would come into the world in a very different way.  
    The journey that led to this apparent day of triumph begins in the desert after Jesus’ baptism by John.  It’s a story of temptation that gives context to both Palm Sunday and the prayer that Jesus teaches his disciples.

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Living in Forgiveness -- Lord's Prayer Series #4

Matthew 6:7-15; Luke 6:37-42

    As much as we like to say the words “don’t judge,” every one of us has served as judge and jury.  I think it must be human nature!   Maybe it’s the way some person dresses or the car they drive.  Driving a Toyota in Michigan might get you stares, while driving a Prius in Southern California will get you words of praise.   Yes, we love Jesus’s command:  “don’t judge, lest you be judged.”  But, we all find it difficult to remove the log that sits there in our own eyes, even as we try to pick out the speck in the eye of the other. 

    As we come to the fourth petition of the Lord’s Prayer, having prayed that God would hallow God’s name, that God would reveal God’s reign, and having asked that God would provide us our daily bread, we come to the matter of forgiveness.  How should we hear this promise of forgiveness, which seems to be contingent on our willingness to forgive others?       

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