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Breath of the Spirit -- Sermon for Pentecost 2014

“He breathed on them and said to them, ‘Receive the Holy Spirit.’” John has his own story of how the Spirit fell upon the followers of Jesus. It’s different from the traditional Pentecost story, but what he does is connect the Holy Spirit with the very essence of life. In fact, there’s a connection between this story and the story of creation in Genesis 2. In that story, God created the first human being by forming a body from the dust of the ground, and then God “breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and the man became a living being” (Genesis 2:7). The biblical words for breath and Spirit are the same. So to have breath is to have the Spirit.

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Reclaiming a Founding Vision (August 18, 2013)

In just two weeks, I’ll be heading out on my three-month sabbatical. Back when we were working on a grant proposal to fund the sabbatical I had to come up with a theme. So, I chose the theme – “Reclaiming a Founding Vision.” Over the past year, even after we didn’t get the grant, I’ve been reworking this theme. So as I go out on my sabbath journey, I plan to explore my own spiritual roots. I also plan to spend some time considering Central Woodward’s spiritual roots.

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Never Giving Up -- Sermon for Pentecost 11C

Children will try the patience of their parents.  It’s simply inevitable.  Even Jesus caused his parents a few headaches – that is if Luke’s account of the family visit to Jerusalem can be believed.  I know that some people think their children are perfect, but this idea must be a figment of the imagination.  We might wish for the perfect child, but to this point no such child has emerged.    

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Ask, Seek, Knock -- Sermon for Pentecost 10C

The theme for this year’s General Assembly emerged from this very passage of Scripture – “Lord, Teach Us to Pray.” It was a good theme for us to take up as we entered once again into important but often difficult conversations. It is always good to bathe our conversations in prayer. After all, we come together as followers of Jesus who seek to be in relationship with the living God. Sometimes we forget that this is true. Our prayers become perfunctory rituals. We offer a quick word to God, assuming God is paying attention, and then we get on with business, often forgetting that we’ve invited God into the conversation.

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Receiving the Call A Sermon for Pentecost 3C

Wouldn’t it be nice if God spoke to you, like God apparently spoke to Elijah? As a preacher, it would be nice to stand before you each Sunday and say: “I have a direct Word from the Lord?” Or, as Elders or Trustees or the Council, we could turn to God and say – what do you want us to do? And then, God would send us a message from heaven, either in an audible voice or maybe as a Tweet, telling us where to go and what to do.

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