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The Church's Failed Response to LGBT Christians - So Far (David Gushee)

David Gushee was the Perry Gresham Lecturer for 2015. He addressed the important question of how to be a welcoming and inclusive community, especially regarding LGBT brothers and sisters. While there isn't a print version, you may listen to David's words of wisdom here.



No Cause for Stumbling - A sermon for Pentecost 18B

We adults may forget at times that children might be watching us and listening to us. So, what are they seeing and hearing as they run around in our midst? What message is being conveyed? What stumbling blocks are being placed in their way?

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Welcome the Children -- A Sermon for Pentecost 17B

As we work our way through this section of the Gospel of Mark we’ve heard Jesus give the call to discipleship, while also revealing that the path he has chosen leads not to glory but the cross. We’ve heard Jesus tell us that to be his disciples can be rather challenging. So, offering prayers to a cuddly Jesus might be a bit out of place! Of course, Jesus’ disciples didn’t quite understand his message. They kept thinking in terms of grandeur not suffering. They preferred Palm Sunday to Good Friday. They even argued among themselves about who was the greatest.

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The Lesson Jesus Learned -- Sermon for Pentecost 15B

This morning we’ve heard two healing stories, both of which take place in Gentile regions, and it seems that Jesus needed to learn a lesson that would help define his ministry and ours. While I believe that Jesus’ message was one of grace, love, and inclusion, perhaps even Jesus needed to learn to value people who didn’t share his religious and ethnic background.

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We Are Children of God - A Sermon for Trinity Sunday -- Year B

When we think about family, is the church family? After all, Jesus said of his followers: “here are my mother and my brothers! Whoever does the will of God is my brother and sister and mother” (Mark 3:34-35). If we’re part of Jesus’ family then does this family help form our identities?

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