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Sunday Worship  10:30am

Nursery and Children's Church provided during worship. 

We are located at the Southeast corner of Big Beaver and Adams.

3955 W. Big Beaver Rd.
Troy, Michagan  48084
(248) 644-0512  

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Sunday Worship

Sunday Morning Bible Study

We are located at
3955 W. Big Beaver Rd.
Troy, Michagan  48084

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Go and Do the Same - Transform the World 

While we process the election results and ask what they mean for us as Christians living in America, we have gathered for worship on what we’re calling Commitment Sunday. This means that I’m tasked with preaching another stewardship sermon. This will be my sixth such sermon drawn from the Gospel of Luke. The underlying theme of these readings is Jesus’ command to “Go and Do the Same.” That command emerged from the question: “who is my neighbor?” Jesus responded to that question with the parable of the Good Samaritan. When he finished telling the story, he asked the man who he thought was the neighbor after hearing the parable? The man answered: “the one who showed mercy.” Then, Jesus told him and us to “go and do the same” (Luke 10:25-37). Each of the five previous texts we’ve looked at, beginning in June, raises the question of who we are as God’s people in relationship to the world in which we live. Now that we’ve reached the end of the road, we’re faced with an “apocalyptic” reading that invites us to stay faithful to the end even when things get tough.

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Eating Bread in God’s Realm - Sermon for World Communion Sunday

Today is World Communion Sunday. It was established years ago as a reminder that God’s Table is a Table of unity, even though God’s church is fragmented. All across the globe Christians are gathering to share the Supper that Jesus established so that we might remember him and in doing so share his love with the world. Though this observance has Presbyterian origins, it began to spread across the globe after the Federal Council of Churches adopted it in the late 1930s.

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Fearfully and Wonderfully Made: A Sermon for Pentecost 16C

Over the summer we visited the Psalms on several occasions. We heard in poetic fashion the call to pursue a life of faith with vigor and diligence. We heard messages of judgment and hope. This morning, even as we look forward to a busy fall, we return one more time to the Psalms. The word we’ve heard this morning is a most edifying one. It is a call to praise God “for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.”

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May God’s Face Shine Upon Us - Sermon for Pentecost 13C

“Give ear, O Shepherd of Israel . . . Stir up your might and come to save us!” In ages past, the Shepherd of Israel took a vine out of Egypt and planted it in a new land. This vine spread out covering the land from sea to river. It grew strong and powerful. Unfortunately, over time the vine lost its luster. For some reason the Shepherd had failed to properly care for the vine, or at least that’s the view of the Psalmist, who asks God to repent and look down upon God’s people and restore the vine to its former glory. Yes, Lord, make your face to shine upon us once again!

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Faithful Prayer

I freely admit it, I do not pray as much as I think that I ought to. And I don’t even count half of my prayers as actually being prayers because somehow, maybe you’ve heard of this before, my prayers undergo this crazy transformation where they turn into to-do lists or replays of the events of that day. They often end up going like this, “God, thank you for all of the ways in which you have blessed me. Thank you for my family and friends… Oh! I forgot to ask my friends what they were bringing to the pot luck. Maybe I’ll make pasta salad? Do I have pasta already? I definitely need a couple more tomatoes. And cucumbers…and I can’t forget cereal this time. ”

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