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Sunday Worship  10:30am


  • Nursery and Children's Church provided during Sunday Morning worship.


We are located at the Southeast corner of Big Beaver and Adams.

3955 W. Big Beaver Rd.
Troy, Michagan  48084
(248) 644-0512 



The thoughts and opinions of Pastor Bob Cornwall

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Sunday Worship

Sunday Morning Bible Study

We are located at
3955 W. Big Beaver Rd.
Troy, Michagan  48084

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Missional Dispatches


CNN story about Fred Craddock

As Disciples one of the treasures that we take great pride in is Fred Craddock, one of the best loved preachers of our time. If you've heard him preach you know why he has received such renown -- despite the fact that he's never built a mega-church or gone on grand preaching tours.  

CNN has published a profile of Fred's life that is quite worth reading.

Take a look here:




A Video Conversation with Steve Knight about being Missional

Steve Knight, a Disciple and a consultant working with Church Extension in developing the Hope Partnership invited my to have a video conversation via skype.  We talked about being missional in a more traditional context.  It's an interesting conversation that touched on Disciple history, CWCC, and the future!  I invite you to check it out and offer your thoughts.   



November 2011 Dispatch -- Stewardship 

It’s November, which means it’s time for us to take time to give to God for the many blessings that have been shared with us.  We’ll do this as a nation, with a national day of Thanksgiving, but we’ll also do this as a congregation and with two other community opportunities to share together words of thanks.  One is interfaith and the other is ecumenical.    

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Missional Dispatch -- September 2011

This month marks the tenth anniversary of the attacks of September 11, 2001. Those attacks have left their mark on our nation, our world, and our own individual lives. The way we live and see the world has changed since that day. Americans who had felt largely in control of their destiny, and were reveling in the new post-Cold War status of sole super-power, were left feeling more vulnerable than ever before. Even though no more attacks of the magnitude that brought down two of the tallest buildings in the land, struck the Pentagon, and had not a group of passen-gers brought down the fourth jet in a Pennsylvania field, perhaps either the capitol building or the White House could have been hit, Americans were left feeling afraid and uncertain. The desire for revenge and retaliation led our nation to launch two wars that continue to this day. Fear of fur-ther attacks led to ever tighter security at our airports, making travel more expensive and more inconvenient. On a more positive side of things, we began to pay more attention to the Middle East and to the Islamic faith, which is good. But, on the other hand, much of this attention has led to greater fear and mistrust rather than greater insight and understanding.

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Missional Dispatch -- April 2011 

                It’s April and spring is popping up here and there, even if the weather has not been exactly cooperative.  Still, the Daffodils, the squirrels, the birds, and the other critters remind us that it’s time for things to change.   If nothing else we can put away the heavy coats and boots!  Before you know it, it will be June and we’ll be celebrating Pentecost by joining with Motown Mission to make a difference in our larger community.  But, for now we continue the Lenten journey, which serves to remind us that the road to Easter is not an easy path. 

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